Specialist in foot and ankle pain
Biomechanics and gait analysis 


Brighton Podiatry is a biomechanics and gait analysis clinic in Sussex run by Helen Morrell, specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist with 35 years of experience.

If it hurts when you walk, run or play sport, I am here to help, whether this is a new problem or a condition that has niggled for a long time.

During a consultation your lower limb function is assessed using methods appropriate to you and your particular issue. This can include a physical examination, treadmill gait analysis and foot pressure analysis, as well as questioning you about your activity levels and training methods.

Orthoses (special shoe insoles) are provided if appropriate, together with footwear advice and rehabilitation exercises. This can help provide a solution to your pain and can save you buying inappropriate trainers and shoes or off the shelf insoles that don’t work for you.


Conditions treated include:

I treat a wide range of people from older children through to the elderly and have extensive experience in working with runners, dancers, and sports performers of all levels from beginner to professional and international standard.